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Villa Mare Monti - The Architect's Villa

Mare Monti
Architect's Villa

Rental in Calvi, Corsica
Villa Mare Monti - A breathtaking view

Breathtaking view

of Calvi Bay
Villa Mare Monti - A true haven of peace

True haven of peace

High-end amenities

Villa Mare Monti - Private villa with 2 to 5 bedrooms

2 to 5 bedrooms

Villa divided into 2 sections for 2, 3, or 5 bedrooms
Villa Mare Monti - The fitness room

Fitness room

Sauna and pétanque court

Discover Calvi, a gem of Balagne, from the comfort of an architect-designed villa where luxury and refinement come together to create an ideal retreat.

In our architect-designed villa in Calvi, every moment is an invitation to wonder. Come and live an unforgettable experience where nature, culture, craftsmanship, gastronomy, and thrilling sensations come together to enrich your stay. Let yourself be charmed by the magic of Balagne and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Villa Mare Monti

Every detail of this high-end villa has been carefully designed to enhance your stay with unforgettable moments in the heart of an enchanting landscape.
Explore the untamed beauty of Calvi from the villa


Explore the untamed beauty of Calvi from the villa
Immerse yourself in the breathtaking natural beauty of Calvi. Surrounded by typical vegetation and offering stunning views of the crystal-clear sea, the villa is the perfect starting point to explore sandy beaches, hiking trails winding through the maquis, and majestic mountains. Let the surrounding nature envelop you in its soothing tranquility and wild beauty.
Corsican Heritage and Culture in Calvi


Calvi: A Journey into Corsican Heritage and Culture
Calvi, with its rich cultural heritage, invites you to delve into the fascinating history of Corsica. Stroll through the cobbled streets of the citadel, discover centuries-old churches and historical sites that tell the tales of a glorious past. The city exudes a vibrant cultural atmosphere, where traditions and modernity blend harmoniously.
Roman Road - Corsica
Authentic Corsican craftsmanship in Calvi


Discover authentic Corsican craftsmanship in Calvi, a living heritage
Corsican craftsmanship, reflecting the soul of the island, can be explored in the local markets and shops of Calvi. Admire the work of artisans who perpetuate ancestral know-how: pottery, jewelry, knives, and textiles. Each piece tells a story, that of a rich and authentic heritage to take with you.
Corsican gastronomy near the villa


Savor the richness of Corsican gastronomy near the villa
Corsican gastronomy is an invitation to indulge in unique flavors, where each dish is a celebration of the local terroir. The culinary excellence of Corsica awaits you near the villa. Explore local products and traditional recipes revisited in nearby restaurants and bistros. Taste Corsican cheese, artisanal charcuterie, and dishes that tantalize the taste buds, accompanied by exquisite island wines.
Adventures and Adrenaline between Sea and Sky in Calvi

Thrilling Experiences

Calvi: Adventures and Adrenaline between Sea and Sky
For adventure enthusiasts, Calvi offers a range of activities to get your adrenaline pumping. From windsurfing on the azure waves to scuba diving exploring the biodiverse underwater world, and paragliding above breathtaking landscapes, each day can be an opportunity for a new and exciting discovery.
Notre Dame de la Serra
The Calvi Pine Forest

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Isabelle, your concierge, will be there to welcome you upon your arrival and will be responsible for your well-being…

Villa Mare Monti
Lieu dit "Poggiale"
20260 Calvi, Haute-Corse



Isabelle, your concierge, will be there to welcome you upon your arrival and will be in charge of your well-being…
Whether it's for breakfast, a massage, finding a nanny, or simply to obtain recommendations, Isabelle is at your disposal to respond to all your requests and ensure that your stay is most pleasant.

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