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Les activités depuis Calvi - Corse

Explore the Wonders of Balagne

from Villa Mare Monti

Perfect as a starting point, it invites you to experience days filled with breathtaking visits and unforgettable walks throughout the region. A perfect haven for recharging, it also offers a relaxing and comfortable return after exploring the region's enchanting beaches.
Notre Dame de la Serra - Corsica
6 km from the villa

Notre Dame de la Serra offers a breathtaking view of Calvi, its famous citadel and its gulf, a must-visit spot for photography and video enthusiasts.

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    This historic site is marked by the presence of a chapel dedicated to Notre Dame de la Serra, built in the 15th century (1479) and recognized as an important element of Calvi's religious heritage. Beside it, a sculpture of the Virgin Mary watches over the city, an object of secular devotion by the inhabitants of Calvi who have entrusted her with the protection of the city and celebrate her pilgrimage for five hundred years, each year at the beginning of September.

Revellata Lighthouse - Corsica
9 km from the villa

Just at the entrance to Calvi, the Revellata peninsula offers a natural spectacle with its secret beaches, wild coves, and impressive cliffs, making it a remarkable geological feature of Balagne.

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    This area, rich in history, hosts the ruins of the residence of Prince Pierre-Napoléon Bonaparte and bears the traces of human presence dating back to the Neolithic period, reflecting a past that is both noble and agricultural due to the dry stone walls scattered across the site.

    Revellata is also distinguished by its exceptional biodiversity, with its cliffs and rocky shores home to rare and protected plant species, as well as notable birds such as the osprey and the crested cormorant. Until the 1960s, it even served as a refuge for monk seals. However, strictly enforced regulations prohibit camping and bivouacking, as well as the overnight parking of motorhomes and converted vans, in order to preserve the beauty and integrity of this unique place.

Bonifato Forest - Corsica
21 km from the villa

Surrounded by steep mountains where ancient trees cling, the Bonifato forest, stretching over 3000 hectares, is a sanctuary for wildlife and a haven of coolness for hikers.

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    Comparable to the neighbouring forests of Fango and Tartagine, Bonifato is celebrated as one of the green lungs of Balagne, offering a space of respite and coolness just 20 km from Calvi. This place, whose name evokes "benefit" in Corsican, invites to a total immersion in nature, offering landscapes conducive to contemplation and relaxation, notably through the Figarella river and its natural pools.

    Bonifato is the ideal starting point for outdoor activity enthusiasts, from hiking to climbing, not forgetting fishing. The site is particularly known for its hiking routes, including the famous GR20 and the Mare è Monti, promising an unforgettable experience to everyone. Whether you're in search of tranquility or extreme adventures, Bonifato forest has something to offer everyone, embodying a perfect blend of well-being, relaxation, and adventure in nature.

Sant' Antonino Village - Corsica
21 km from the villa

Discover the charming village of Sant’Antonino, a true gem nestled away that promises an enchanting escape.

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    This haven of peace invites you to leave your vehicle at the entrance and to follow in the footsteps of Ugo Colonna, an illustrious Roman count who founded this historical place. Dive into a bygone era as you wander through the narrow streets lined with ancient houses merged with the local rock, forming a labyrinth around the village's granite heart. Admire emblematic sites such as the old bread oven and the press, before ascending to the fortified ruins to take in the magnificent view of the Balagne region.

    At the top, let yourself be carried away by the breathtaking view of the agricultural landscapes of yesteryear, once dubbed the garden of Corsica, with its olive groves, vineyards, and almond trees blending into the shimmer of the sea. Rest in the village's main square, enjoying a refreshing lemonade accompanied by delicious local specialties, a moment that might just capture the essence of happiness. Sant’Antonino stands out for its elevated position, offering almost constant visibility across Balagne, a unique trait that underlines its beauty and historical significance.

Île Rousse - Corsica
24 km from the villa

At the heart of Balagne, nestled in one of the most sublime bays of Corsica, Île-Rousse is a prime destination for those seeking relaxation and memorable adventure.

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    Place Paoli, under the watchful eye of Pascal Paoli, provides an ideal setting to enjoy a moment of conviviality, whether it's around a café terrace or during an impromptu game of pétanque in the shade of ancient plane trees. The A Marinella promenade, skirting the splendid Napoléon beach, leads to Pietra, an ocher porphyry island from where one can admire an exceptional panorama over the Balagne coastline and breathtaking sunsets.

    Île-Rousse, or Lisula in Corsican, has a rich history that unfolds between sea and mountain, dating back to antiquity. Initially named Agilla by the Phoenicians, it became a Roman trading post under the name Rubico Rocega before undergoing numerous invasions that led to its depopulation in favor of surrounding villages. It was in the 18th century, under the impetus of Pascal Paoli, that Île-Rousse was transformed into a fortified town around its port, marking its entry into the modern history of Corsica. The old city today offers an immersion into its past through its historical streets and Florentine-inspired buildings, not to mention its emblematic churches that form the living heart of the city.

Fango Valley - Corsica
32 km from the villa

The Cinque Arcate bridge marks the entrance to the Fango Valley, an exceptional region where the mountain and forest meet the sea in the background, offering a contrasting landscape that invites the discovery of a natural world protected by UNESCO and classified as a Natura 2000 site.

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    This biosphere reserve covers the entire Fango Valley, from the delta at Galeria up to altitudes of 2556 meters, revealing the diversity of a Mediterranean valley. The Fango stream, known for the clarity of its waters and labeled "Wild River Site," is home to endemic Corsican trout and provides a habitat for a rich fauna, including around forty species of birds, the Corsican mouflon, the bearded vulture, and the golden eagle.

    The lush vegetation at the mouth of the Fango Valley forms a mosaic of typical plant species, with marshy areas welcoming water turtles and a remarkable floral diversity, and extends into Mediterranean vegetation including an ancient olive grove. The view from Riccinaccia beach, with the delta, plain, and mountains in the background, offers a striking perspective, ideal for photography and drawing enthusiasts. Although the visit to the valley ends here, the proximity of Galeria invites to extend the exploration of this region rich in biodiversity and preserved natural landscapes.

Ostriconi Beach - Corsica
39 km from the villa

Located 15 km from L'Île-Rousse on the road to Bastia, Ostriconi Beach is a wonder of Corsica, nestled at the entrance to the Agriate desert, known for its exceptional coastline.

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    This beach, accessible only on foot via a path from the old main road, promises a beautiful landscape with its 800 meters of fine sand surrounded by white dunes, in a wild setting preserved from urbanization. The mouth of the Ostriconi river adds to the natural beauty of the place, frequented by both holidaymakers and the local fauna, including cows that rest there. The customs officers' path, starting from the end of the beach, offers a memorable three-day adventure to Saint Florent, passing through the beaches of Ghignu and Saleccia.

    To get there, from L'Île-Rousse, take the Territorial Road 30 towards Bastia and follow the signs to the Camping de l'Ostriconi. Parking is available near the campsite, from where a 15-minute trail leads to the beach. It is recommended to wear suitable walking shoes and to be prepared to ford the river if necessary. The beach is supervised during the summer to ensure the safety of swimmers, and the presence of leashed animals is allowed. However, be aware of weather conditions and safety instructions, especially in strong winds, to avoid dangers related to waves.

The Agriate Desert and Its Beaches - Corsica
63 km from the villa

The Agriate, once fertile and prosperous, is today known as the only "desert" in Europe without sand, characterized by an arid scrubland and a topography of ridges, valleys, and rocky peaks.

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    This landscape, preserved by the Coastal Conservancy, transforms near the coastline, where agriculture continues to mark the landscape with vineyards, olive groves, and meadows. The fauna is varied, ranging from warblers to peregrine falcons, and the surrounding sea is home to dolphins. The Agriate also offers exceptional beaches with crystal-clear waters and white sand, reminiscent of the beauties of the Caribbean.

Saint-Florent Village - Corsica
69 km from the villa

Nestled in Upper Corsica, about thirty kilometers west of Bastia, Saint-Florent enchants visitors from all over Europe with its peaceful atmosphere, its charming marina, and the famous Cathedral of Nebbio.

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    This town, strategically located between Cap Corse with its illustrious Patrimonio and the Agriate Desert, is encircled by the Gulf of Saint-Florent, an idyllic setting for a dream vacation on the island. In addition to its relaxing atmosphere and swimming opportunities, the gulf hides many treasures such as its Genoese citadel, its remarkable cathedral, and the customs officers' path for hiking enthusiasts.

    There is no shortage of activities, with the opportunity to visit one of the most beautiful markets in the region, or to take part in boat tours to contemplate the citadel and the cathedral from the sea, thus enriching the experience of any traveler in search of discoveries on the Island of Beauty. Furthermore, it will also be the perfect occasion to visit the magnificent Agriate Desert, to explore the island's most beautiful beaches like Roya Beach, or to explore Cap Corse and its Patrimonio, not to mention marveling at the breathtaking panorama from the Santo Stefano pass.

Scandola Nature Reserve - Piana Calanques - Corsica
83 km from the villa

In the northwest of Corsica, between Calvi and Porto, lies the Scandola Nature Reserve, a wild space of 1900 hectares divided between land and sea, including the peninsula of Girolata and its village.

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    This territory, characterized by its imposing porphyry cliffs in purple and gold hues, sculpted by the wind and the waves, offers an almost supernatural natural spectacle, where the blue sea and green vegetation blend with the intense red of the rock. The rigorous protection of this area, away from any urbanization and subject to strict rules such as the prohibition of fishing or camping, has allowed its unique balance to be preserved, recognized by its inclusion in the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1983.

    The Scandola Reserve is home to a remarkable biodiversity, both terrestrial and marine, with thousands of animal species, including the wild boar, fox, the largest bat in Europe, as well as the golden eagle and the osprey. Underwater, the reserve is equally rich, with a variety of mollusks, corals, seagrass beds, and more than 243 species of fish. The vegetation, adapted to a dry climate, is surprisingly dense, dominated by the Corsican maquis and enriched by a wide variety of plants and more than 450 kinds of algae. To explore Scandola, access is by boat or on foot, with a hiking trail leading to the village of Girolata, made famous by Guy Ceccaldi, the postman who traversed this route daily until 2014, offering an immersive experience in this preserved natural reserve.

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